Acid burn was a fun challenge and given the hint within the challenge “hiding something in her background image” we figured it was a stego challenge 🙂

Upon downloading the file we were presented with a chall.webp which we have to admit we were not too familiar with .webp files types so we did a little research first.

Given that it was a stego challenge we decided to run the basics on the file strings, pnginfo, binwalk and even loaded the image in StegSolve but nothing stood out as unusual or a flag.  So we decided to convert the file to a PNG and for this task we used XnConvert  which worked really well.

Once we had the file converted we re-ran our commands and loaded the file back into StegSolve and scrolling through the different image planes the image began to reveal something interesting for us:

We knew we discovered the flag by the leading “SECT{” at the to of the image, we wanted to try and get a clearer view of the flag so we tweaked StegSolve a little more until we could make out the flag.

Overall this was a great stego challenge 😀


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